We were blessed to work Bush’s very first record, Sixteen Stone (and their second record).  We actually used to fly and drive around California stopping at every record store on our route and go into the store and ask for the Manager, armed with promo goodies. In the case of Bush, they were a completely unknown band without any radio play yet and the label was working on a shoestring budget.   So much so that they handed us a grocery bag full of stickers, postcards, promo CD’s, posters and flats (these were full sized cardboard album covers used in displays).  We asked for a budget to buy something to carry all this stuff into each store and were turned down.  So, we got brown lunch bags and we must have been short on stickers or we’d have put one on the front of each bag.  Instead, the label suggested we could use their mailroom’s “BUSH” rubber stamp – but they only had 1, so we had to go there to stamp the bags! 


Our staff was lucky enough to have been in attendance at Bush’s record release party at a club called Dragonfly in Hollywood – they were incredible (even though Gavin rightfully was a bit pissed off that the sound kinda sucked) and oh, did I mention how hot Gavin, the lead singer was/is!


“I could sleep well at night knowing that awareness on our records was being enhanced at retail via in-your-face and hands-on marketing.”           

–  Jim Martone / (Ex) General Manager; Trauma Records


So here we were in San Francisco just a few weeks before Christmas going from store to store when we are notified by the label that their distributor (MS Distribution) closed their doors so the record was currently unavailable…what?…keep going Jim said, it’s too late to turn back now.


As we were coming out of our last store visit of 50 or more, in the San Francisco bay area

When we started the car, EVERYTHING ZEN was playing on the radio…OMG…we were so excited and the rest was history.



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