David Thomas

David Thomas (yes the infamous quirky David Thomas of Pere Ubu) was a long term client of ours through one of our very favorite clients, Smog Veil Records run by Frank Mauceri and his wife Lisa.  We worked this album for them, along with David’s other endeavors – Rocket from the Tombs, Pere Ubu and Unknown Instructors.    We did traditional retail marketing, in-store set ups and digital marketing for Smog Veil’s David Thomas projects.

Here’s some feedback we got from the stores and from David Thomas himself!

“Well I heard about your band from a package that was sent to Barnes & Noble.  It included all your background and concert information and a copy of your CD.  There was in invitation in it for us to come see you guys play, and the Manager couldn’t go so it got passed on to me!  I love your CD and just wanted to let you know that whoever does your marketing is doing an excellent job!”
                        – Jonlyn; Clerk at Barnes & Noble (message sent via Artist’s MySpace Site)

“The store reported 65 people came to the performance.   That is incredible in our book !  Thank you again for choosing to partner with Borders !”

–  Darlene Collins;  District Marketing Manager, Border’s Books & Music

(Regarding a Pere Ubu  In-Store we arranged with Borders, Cleveland Heights)


 “The event was PERFECT!  The only disappointment was that it wasn’t recorded!”


–  David Thomas; Frontman,  Pere Ubu & Rocket From The Tombs

(Regarding a Pere Ubu  In-Store we arranged with Borders, Cleveland Heights)Image


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