Soles of Passion

“Soles of Passion had engaged professional help with our Social Media several times prior to hiring Web ‘n Retail.  Every time it started out “enthusiastic and energetic”.  Sadly, each time, we saw no real progress.Then we hired Web ‘n Retail, and all of that changed. Gale’s experience combined with her talented crew has helped us enormously in building & exposing our brand.  In just 12 weeks Web ‘n Retail took our Facebook from 1,054 to 20,173 likes; our ReverbNation rank to #1 where its has stayed for over 2 months, and our national rank up from #10,262 to #58.  Our Youtube “Cow Girl Bling” Video views went from 0 to over 9,000.   Needless to say, we are renewing!”

–  Steven Wolfe, Songwriter, Musician, and Co-Founder; Soles of Passion



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