Love, love, love this band and this record “Things We Do” which came out in 1998 still gets regular play in my CD player today.  It’s a blues record –  I saw them perform in Ventura, CA at a sweaty old deco theater and they were as good as their recorded CD.  They are “indigenous” as they are all native Indians in the band.  They were on Pachyderm Records, a label in Michigan I think.   The guitarit is amazing – at the time he was only 20 something. 


Here’s what one person said about him on Amazon:


“This band’s guitarist Mato Nanji is going to be a legend and he is one of the most talented guitarists alive I think according to this album and the appearance I saw on Conan O’brian. On this album, especially on Holdin’ out, he haunts me with the sounds of Hendrix and he brings to mind Stevie Ray Vaughan, only he represents both of their sounds with an all together new talent and smooth style.”


That about sums it up!  


Don’t miss a listen –



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