Jim Peterik

Jim Peterik

Remember Eye of the Tiger from Rocky, and (I’m your) Vehicle baby, I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go, I’m your vehicle baby by now I’m sure you’ll know…that I LOVE YA…LOVE YA…NEED YA…NEED YA….WANT YOU by now I’m sure – GREAT GOD IN HEAVEN YOU KNOW I LOOOOVVVVEEE YOU!

Multi-grammy winner Jim Peterik has been a client of ours for about one year now. He comes to us from World Stage International and our good friend and client, David Chackler. We’ve been working on Jim’s LIFEFORCE album – a huge roster of famous jazz artists including Mindi Abair, David Pack, Steven Cole, Jessy J, and more that ROCK!

We’ve done blogging, press and a variety of other marketing programs for Jim and also for a tween band he produces called “Ariel, Zoey & Eli”. They have a new TV show coming on the air in 2014 with Jim called “Steal the Show”.


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