Ok, so I just remembered the name of the label – it comes up on amazon as Lizard Group – but I was like no…it was a type of lizard…was it Salamander Records?….Chameleon Records? We worked this record so long ago in 1997 (BEFORE COMPUTERS!) I’ve got nothing to refer to on the computer to figure it out.

Then when walking my dog, he was sniffing something I thought was a leaf but it was some type of large
lizard and then it came to me!!

IGUANA Records! Based in NYC I believe and I think the owner was named Roger and his right hand guy was Carl (or Karl) – I loved those guys and that label. We did a lot of work for them – wonder what every happened to them. I googled it – but all I get is a record label named Iguana records in Mexico (and I don’t read Spanish) but I doubt that’s them!


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