No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom


No Doubt !
Awwww….definitely one of our claims to fame! We worked on their very first record after they were signed by Interscope Records and our good friends at Trauma starting marketing the record the retail and radio. We did #RetailMarketing at the store level for this release – going from store to store armed with in-store play CD’s, Listening post CD’s, posters, stickers – whatever the label gave us and getting the stores to promote it to their customers. The band had had a self-distributed release out before Tragic Kingdom so when we went into the store, before we went to the manager to “pitch ‘em” we first had to see if they had the old release still in the bin – and physically – yes, no joke, dust it off (as they had been sitting there so long without being sold)! I took a team to San Diego, California to hit the stores down there and remember (like it was yesterday) – we came out of Lou’s Records in Encinitas, California and were so hyped to hear “I’M JUST A GIRL” on the radio for the very first time…awwwww… good memories!


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