Sachal Vasandani

Another great Jazz artist from Mack Avenue Records.


New York Times Critics Choice: New CDs.
“Jazz singing is a flexible discipline: it’s not determined by repertory or the particulars of style. What makes a jazz singer has more to do with a set of tools and instincts, and by that measure Sachal Vasandani qualifies as one of the stronger new arrivals in the field…” –New York Times

“We Move is the sophomore release for acclaimed vocalist Sachal Vasandani, who with growing confidence in composition and arranging and two years of successful tour dates behind him decided it was time to go back into the studio. Produced by Sachal and an A team of top-flight studio sages (John Clayton, Doug Wamble and Al Pryor), We Move finds this young vocalist reaching new heights as a songwriter, lyricist, and bandleader in the wake of his 2007 breakout Mack Avenue debut, Eyes Wide Open.”

Check out his jazz tunes at


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