Saint Jaimz


We worked “LUV IZ A PZYCHO” in 2013 for our bud….bud….buddy….Mike at iMerica Entertainment.

Following his 9 year journey as Stanley James the artist, he recognized the need to reinvent himself in order to make his persona fresh for a new generation. Thus, the emergence of Saint Jaimz. “The trials, experiences, and struggles I lived through in the music bizness during my 9 year journey as Stanley James, has prepared me for the purpose and mission ahead as Saint Jaimz; which is to deliver muzic with purpose back to the masses”.  His sensitivity extends beyond the predictable “I wanna sex you” love songs that saturate most radio and video media these days. He says, “I write “LIFE” songs not “LOVE” songs”.

Saint Jaimz accomplishes a seamless blend of Adult Contemporary and Soul music sensibilities, thus creating a sound that all lovers of muzic will take to heart.   Saint Jaimz  music tells a story and has the ability to change and touch lives.

Hear the sound of “Kno-Body But U” here and at


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