Sister 7 – “This is the trip”


Sister 7 “This is the trip”

The #album was “This is the trip”, the year was 1997, the label was Arista Austin, the band – better know as S7. This was one of my favorite bands at that time…think this review on amazon sums it up quite nicely!

“This is a CD that must be played LOUDLY! I suggest a live performance to truly solidify the addiction, but watch out! Once Patrice & the guys suck you in to the groove, you’re one of the gang for life! Check out the web sites run by die-hard fans to get an understanding of the band- then prepare to be blown away! #Soul, Passion, #Funk, Fabulous lyricism… Its all in there! No personal offense, but the reviewer from Illinois is obviously one of those “ooh- new trendy song on the radio- gotta have it” types… This is a CD with much more to say than the typical radio friendly band- if you want radio fluff, stick to the radio. This The Trip is for those of us who get it… TRIP ON!!!!”


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