Soul Coughing – Ruby Vroom


Soul Coughing – Ruby Vroom

The album was “Ruby Vroom”. I’m pretty certain that this came from Warner Bros. Records in 1994 and eventually went gold in 2013. Their records are now collector’s items selling for between 27 and 39 bucks on amazon!

Soul Coughing’s sound was a willfully idiosyncratic mix of improvisational #jazz grooves, oddball samples, hip-hop, #electronics, and noisy experimentalism (described by Doughty as ‘deep slacker jazz)

“Where the ’60s had a fair amount of great blue-eyed soul, the 1990s had been remiss in offering up first-rate, blue-eyed hip-hop–until Soul Coughing came along. Frontman M. Doughty shied away from the label, dubbing the quartet’s music “deep slacker jazz,” which actually kinda fits tracks like the film noir homage, “Screenwriter’s Blues.” Doughty’s acerbic, often hilarious (see “Casiotone Nation”) rhymes–which never sound like he’s trying to be too streetwise–float like butterflies over the sting-like-a-bee rhythm section of Sebastian Steinberg and Yuval Gabay. Add the unorthodox sampler technique of Mark de Gli Antoni, and you have a total package that you’ll never tire of unwrapping.” –David Sprague

Small world! I pick up this quote from written by David Sprague, who I happened to work with at CREEM MAGAZINE!


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