It was 1 of 4 bands signed to. They dressed in old Victorian wardrobe (or was it the wild west???).   In any case, we called on retail for this record. At that time there were 55 retail record stores, where there are now 3!

“Soular are four musicians who love art, music, their fans, and performing live. Formed in 2002, they’re based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are the epitome of the hard-working band, promoting themselves and constantly traveling. Their hard work has brought them to perform at SXSW, NARM, the Toronto Film Festival, the Cornerstone Festival, and Backstage with Barry Nolan on the Comcast Network, as well as sharing the stage with bands like Liz Phair, Eisley, and The Fray. Their music has also been used in TV shows like “The Real World”, “CSI”, “Inside the NFL”, “The Simple Life”, and “Road Rules”.” quote by Astonish Records.


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