Steely Dan

To say it was a thrill to work on a Steely Dan release would be a definite understatement and especially to work their record on our internet show in 1995 made it that much more special!   I love that band so much that I recently went to see them at Universal Amphitheater and they still sound as good as they did back then.  BTW – did you know they closed down what was most recently called the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal City walk – to build instead…a Harry Potter ride.  Criminal behavior!

This record (“Live”) came out in 1995 on Giant Recordsand was featured on our Internet site “Rock the Strip”.  Rock the Strip was the first ever music reality show, the first reporter of online sales to Billboard and Hits, and was the 2nd ever CD store on the internet!  The show as hosted by Nina Blackwood (MTV) and Ken Sargeant (Fox Entertainment News) and we did quick music questions/quizzes on the street in Venice, Sunset Strip and elsewhere.  While the contestant was thinking, we’d cut away to video clips of the band they were trying to think to name (as the answer); and if they got it right, they won a CD!

To check out some of Steely Dan’s music, hit this link:

Steely Dan


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