The Flys

The Flys

The Flys

@TheFlys-The Flys came from the original Trauma Records (Bush & No Doubt). Their “Holiday Man” album came out in 1998. As with other titles on Trauma’s catalog , they are now on Kirtland Records distributed by Sony’s RED.

We did store level marketing for them, sending copies, posters and plastic flies (many of ‘em) to record stores to raise awareness. They are a fun band from Orange County. One of their Dad’s owns a surf school down south.

With the single “Got You (Where I Want You)” reaching No. 5 on the Modern Rock Charts and being featured in Disturbing Behavior, The Flys 1998 album Holiday Man album reached No. 109 on the Billboard charts. The video for which featured actress Katie Holmes and also appeared on the soundtrack for the 1998 MGM film Disturbing Behavior, which starred Katie Holmes.

2 of the band Members, Adam & Josh Paskowitz are the sons of Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz an American surfer and physician. who gave up practicing medicine for a living and decided to become a professional surfer. In 1972, he founded a surf camp run by his family, where campers could live alongside and surf with members of the Paskowitz family. He and his family have been referred to as the “First Family of Surfing”.

How cool is that?!?


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