The Unknown Instructors and David Thomas
the masters voiceunknown instructor

The Unknown Instructors is another band headed up by David Thomas (punk god!). He also has the bands: Pere Ubu, Rocket From The Tombs & David Thomas and 2 Pale boys. These records all came to us from a long standing client, great guy and gal – Frank & Lisa Mauceri, and a fantastic label – SmogVeil Records.

Why is it called SmogVeil you may ask? Well they only signed bands from Cleveland (including Rubber City Rebels); known for its main export – Rubber tires, and known secondly for the constant haze over the city, aka Smog.

Our good friend Ilka Pardinas who runs FlyPR here in LA, turned us onto the label for whom we worked releases for many years, at retail – and then online.

We worked “The Master’s Voice” and “The Way Things Work” for the Unknown Instructors/Smog Veil Records.


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