This is a surf band from Oregon (thus the name of the album “Oregonisms”) that was sponsored by Ninkasi Micro-Brewery.  We were hired by James Book who is one of my favorite guys.  He also is involved in a surf shop in Redondo Beach, CA.  I mean really, how can you not like a guy who is in the business of bands, beer, surfing and skateboarding!  And on top it he’s super smart, funny and an all around great guy!

We went to the parking lot show they played at – ate at a great Mexican place next store and skateboarders came en masse to the event and did their tricks on ramps in the parking lot. The guys in the band were super nice and appreciative of the work we did for them.  We came home armed with surf stickers, beer cozies and beach samples of sunscreen, etc.!  I still have the volcom sticker on my window.


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