Los Angeles College of Music (LACM)


This is the Pasadena based music school (Los Angeles College of Music).  When we started working with them, they were called LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy).  However, due to their accreditation, and since they now offer Bachelor’s Degrees, it was their decision to change the name.

We were hired to work on getting their school on the front page of google searches for 10 keyword phrases.  AND WE DID!!!  We were also hired to build their backlinks, online directory listings and their social media presence – which helps to get on the front page of google, as well as driving direct traffic to their website – AND WE DID!

They were a great organization to work with.  And believe me, we were ALL IN!  We communicated directly with the President, Vice President, Consultant, VP of Enrollment, Career Services and other staff at this fine establishment.

You can see our stellar results here:  http://www.musicmarketingbywebnretail.com/#!lacm-case-study/c11y7


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