Raul Midón Showcases His Jazz/Soul Guitar & Mouth Trumpet Skills In His New Live Music Video For Mi Amigo Cubano

The smooth and soulful Raul Midon has returned with an extraordinary new song entitled, “Mi Amigo Cubano” off of his newest album “Don’t Hesitate”. Already an established veteran on the guitar, Midon expands on his personal growth through a collection of 14 brand new tracks that will enlighten the listener as well as entertain them. “Mi Amigo Cubano” is presented with an edgy vocal performance and a complex guitar melody that only Midon himself can master. The single is also accompanied by a video which you can view over on YouTube.

Raul Midon has earned the respect of some of the most famous names in music long before the release of this album. It is collaborations with great artists like Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah and Jason Mraz that have solidified this bold and risk-taking instrumentalist as one this era’s truly groundbreaking musicians.

“Mi Amigo Cubano” is now available on iTunes and Amazon.  Become one of Raul’s near 50,000 amigos on Facebook and on Twitter . Discover more of Raul’s Latin soul at his Official Site at: www.RaulMidon.com.


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