909 Music


This was a client of ours from Dubai that came to us from elance.com

If you’re looking for music for your video game or 3D animation, 909 Music has a massive royalty free music library of several different styles of music. Their library consists of various music that can be used for 3D Animations and Video Games along with a wide range of productions such as: Films, TV Commercials, Jingles, Corporate Videos, YouTube Videos, On-Hold Music, Music for Hotels, etc.

909 Music has a very easy licensing process, and all the music on their website is immediately available for licensing. Their production company is represented by a team of highly skilled music composers and producers with a vast background and wealth of experience in several different genres of music dedicated to producing high quality music for Ads, Films, Video Games, Radio Programming and Music Profiling for various venues.

To learn more visit their website at www.909music.com. You can also connect with them on Facebook , YouTube and Twitter .

“Everything looks perfect! Really impressed with your level of professionalism. Glad we made the right choice by working with you.” – Arnav Srivastav, CEO of 909music.com


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