Ariel, Zoey & Eli

Ariel, Zoey & Eli

3 amazing kid/tweens/ have their own NBC Saturday morning show now & one in production w Jim Peterik (Eye of  Tiger & Vehicle). This month: Vision Ch.2 & Vision ch. 3, link to Sizzle Reel (came from World Stage Int’l of which Jim Peterik and awesome David Chackler are partners

Proud to have worked for them – Ariel, Zoey and Eli who stand up for those being bullied! Check out their video “Hey Bully”

Ariel, Zoey & Eli – Hey Bully!

“Gaining traction through social media is a challenge. Web ‘n Retail quickly and effectively reached our target audience and raised the national profile of our brand.”

– Matthew T. Engelbert, Esq. – Executive Producer, Ariel, Zoey & Eli TV & Music Products


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