Beatrice Mason – Mosaico

Mosaico CD Cover

Beatrice is a #Brazilian #Jazz Singer, who sings mostly in Portuguese.
We worked on her English Single “Caramel”, from her album “Mosaico.”
She is signed under the record label is Lilly Blonde, and the Publishing company “Music Umbrella.”
The job came to us through Imerica Entertainment Inc.

We’ve actually worked on all her releases to date. Here are the others:
Beatrice Mason is a Brazilian smooth Jazz artist whose lyrics are in Portuguese and/or English with an amazing talent for arrangements and vocal range. She came to us via iMerica Ent. and our forever buddy/Motown producer Mike Sutton. Her record label is the Umbrella Group.

“Would like to see Beatrice Mason/Lilly Blonde on your client list…She is still charting and Going Strong @ #34, from over a year and half ago, due in part to your work!”
– Glenn, The Music Umbrella Consultancy


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