#Buckethead  #WebnRetail

Well, what can you say about an artist that covers his face with a KFC bucket?  Our initial response was oh great…another unpopular theatrical artist.  But, boy were we WRONG!  Buckethead is a very popular and awesome guitarist with a bucket over his head!   We got an enormous resounding response from retail when we marketed this record to the ole’ fashioned record stores.

I found this story online…

A friend of Buckethead’s agent recently invited me to dine with Buckethead in Los Angeles at his oceanfront Manhattan Beach home. Once a month, Buckethead apparently holds invite-only “Dinners with Buckethead.” The invite said, “Please wear long pants.” For a week I wondered what foods the elusive guitar player would serve. When the day arrived, I show up at the address at 7pm sharp in long pants, and a man in a white suit greeted me at the door. Inside, he led me to a table facing the ocean with three place settings. One other person (not Buckethead) was already seated in the middle; a white guy, shorter, with longer brown hair, wearing a trucker hat and big grandma sunglasses that he never took off. We were handed placards with calligraphed menus on them, and a few moments later, out glided a lavender-smelling Buckethead, in the Bucket and mask. No one spoke, or faced each other. We faced the Pacific Ocean, as the sun set, in silence.

No one really knows why Buckethead (born Brian Carroll, 1969) wears the KFC bucket on his head, and a Michael Myers Halloween-esque mask on his face. In fact, little is known about the virtuoso guitar player. His style spans from progressive metal to bluegrass, jazz, ambient, space. He shreds like Ares lives in his fingers. He’ll speed-pluck Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” then segue into the Star Wars theme with a solo that sounds like R2D2 fucking Amadeus at the speed of light. Buckethead is an anomaly. He doesn’t speak, to anyone. He’s released 7 studio albums—14 in 2007 alone. He’s performed on over 50 other albums and has played and toured with Mike Patton, Iggy Pop, Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Les Claypool, Serj Tankian, and was a member of Guns N’ Roses from 2000 to 2004.

The person that wrote it…well it was a rendition of their dream! But, definitely sounds like him!

“We’ve hired Rock ‘n Retail on several occasions for various genres of music.  The amount of movement we see, and positioning we obtain, as a result of their programs, far exceeds the cost of their services.”

–  Scott Bergstein / Sr. Vice President; Higher Octave Music


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