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The Burden Bros. are on Kirtland Records (Bush’s home) and are somewhat of an off shoot of the Toadies.  We did traditional retail promotions for their album, “Buried in your Black Heart” in 2003.

Burden Brothers

They are a hard rock band formed in Dallas, Texas by Toadies lead singer/songwriter Vaden Todd Lewis and Reverend Horton Heat/Izzy Stradlin drummer Taz Bentley. The band currently consists of Lewis (Vocals/Guitar), Bentley (Drums/Vocals), and Casey Hess (Guitar/Vocals). The band is currently on an indefinite hiatus, due to the Toadies reunion and other interests.

“…perfect!  Rock ‘n Retail  did a great job.  I have no doubt the Market has been covered as well as possible.  I would challenge anyone to do a better job!”  – Joe DeMeo, Kirtland Records

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