There was once a little label called Restless Records in El Segundo that released alternative, metal and punk records.  Then there became a big label called Restless Records owned by the Bill Hein and Joe Regis in Hollywood, CA.  Much to my surprise when refreshing my memory about this record as we worked it way back in 1998 (and another Restless release, by Econoline Crush) I learned this on Wikipedia:  In 199 Restless co-founded Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) with Warner Brothers Music Group (WMG) to handle its distribution and certain titles released by Warner Bros., Elektra Records, Atlantic Records, their affiliates and Sub Pop Records. Sub Pop subsequently became a partner in the venture. Within 10 years, ADA went on to become the largest distributor of independent music in America.

That’s a surprise!  ADA is the independent label distribution arm of Warner Bros.   Each distributor had one of these.  First an artist got released on the indie side of the distributor and the band broke big, they then got moved over to the major label distributor side.

The record we worked was called “Release It”.  We marketed it to retail stores.  I had a poster in my bedroom ‘cuz it has this really pretty blue and purple butterfly on it!

#HateDept  #WebnRetail

Hate Dept.


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