K. Son



#K.Son   #WebnRetail

K.Son was another release we worked for WMGW Distribution…Here’s a piece from his bio “Long story shortened – I have always loved music. In 1984 I saw “Purple Rain” and it put me over the top. I had to play and write. Bought a Telecaster and keyboard. Ditched the Telecaster and stuck with the keyboard. 🙂 Now I learn, try to put out the best musical product that I can and try to live up to my given moniker, “The Son of BeTTer days”.


Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

“Thanks for the final report for GlobalTraxOnline.com.   It’s good stuff! I would like for you to start on a new artist/ project (K.SON) for us.  You can use the same campaign for him that we just did with Globaltraxonline and Willie Jolley. Thanks !!! ”

– Gerald Wiggins / Wiggins Music Group Worldwide Distribution


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