How Can Indie Artists Concentrate on Their Music When There Are so Many Music Marketing Activities to Take Care Of?



Music Marketing activities take up a lot of time and require knowledge of how marketing works best. While that time, is crucial for an Indie Artist so are the marketing tasks that need be done. How do you stand out amongst the more than 28 million tracks on iTunes especially since there are approximately 100,000 being added every day? The most cost efficient method is to delve into a Music Marketing campaign.   I bet some of the indie musicians reading this are saying “but that costs a lot of money”…but it doesn’t. What it costs is TIME to implement the campaign; and the knowledge to know what you are doing!

Being talented and letting people know about your talent are two very different things! Getting your music exposed to the right listeners (that like your genre) will help you to grow your fan base, sell more tickets to shows where you can sell merchandise, etc. Being in touch regularly with your fans and potential fans is paramount for the future of your career. Not only does communicating regularly with them breed loyalty but also word-of-mouth and further exposure. Now, more than ever, it’s very important to have an email list of fans (at least 75% of your revenue will be from the people on your fan list), but also friends/fans/followers, etc. on social media as that is now the gauge for getting a booking agent, manager, getting signed to a label, etc.

But, let’s face it. There are only so many hours in the day and you can’t be the best at everything you try to master. So if you are looking for an alternative to doing it yourself, check our and Facebook here:


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