Web ‘n Retail


Wow! One-Stop music marketing shop Web ‘n Retail has worked with up-and-coming artists such as Ariel Zoey & Eli, country star Abi Ann, Soles of Passion and hundreds more.  With over 21 years experience, Web ‘n Retail, a division of Rock ‘n Retail, Web ‘n Retail has managed campaigns for over 250 artists on major and independent labels as well as other music related projects such as music website launches, apps and concert events.

Web ‘n Retail provides a variety of Music Marketing services for artists of all genres including: Viral PR, Viral Marketing, Blogging, Video Blogging, Social Media, Mobile App Marketing, eBlasts, Audio and Video Lifestyle Marketing, Music Licensing solicitations, Traditional PR and SEO. They are able to provide personalized attention to detail and one on one servicing for each music marketing project.

For more information on Web ‘n Retail, check out their official website here www.musicmarketingbywebnretail.com and Facebook.



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