Max Carl & Big Dance

It was in 1998 that we worked the legendary Max Carl’s “One Planet One Groove” by Max Carl & Big Dance.


I remember meeting with his team at the annual NARM summer show in San Diego. We were seated by the pool where we met with Linda WhiteWolf and Jodi Jackson (JJ PR). While we hadn’t spoken to Linda in quite some time, just last week we chatted on Jodi’s Facebook page – we’ve been sharing Clients with Jodi now since that meeting 17 years ago!

Max Carl is an American rock singer, keyboardist, and songwriter. He is the current lead singer of the classic rock band Grand Funk Railroad. In addition, he spent several years as the keyboardist and lead singer for the mainstream rock band 8 Special, for whom he co-wrote and sang lead on the hit song “Second Chance.”

Throughout the 1980s, Carl immersed himself in session work, singing and/or playing on albums by artists such as Elton John, Dan Fogelberg, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmidt, (aka “@The Eagles”) Bette Midler, and Kenny Loggins. In 198 he also formed a 60s R&B cover band, which was eventually named Jack Mack and the Heart Attack.

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