The Best iTunes Music Recommendations From The November Official Holiday Music Guide


The holidays are a time for gatherings with great company, great food AND great music. If you’re looking to spruce up your dinner parties this holiday season with some great tunes, then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite albums, audio books, and singles that will make a great addition to your holiday playlist! Not to mention, you can use this as a guide to a fast AND thoughtful gift, for everyone this season.

The Official Holiday Music Guide consists of a little bit of everything from country, folk, reggae, children’s music and more, all available for download on iTunes. As we make way for the New Year, end 2016 right and listen to some of the best works released this year.

Topping the list this year are: The Pondhawks “Blue Light”, Roots of Creation “Livin Free”, Shane Burke “Say”, Bobby “BlackHat” Walters “Accidental Blues”, Dynamic Partners “Batman: The Killing Joke” soundtrack, Alice Pringle “Kaleidoscope”, Mike Love “Good Vibrations: My Life As a Beach Boy” audiobook, Anne Akiko Meyers “Fantasia”, Country Music Association “Forever Country”, C. Daniel Boling “These Houses”, Juan Cantu’ “We Too Have  A Dream” and Ricky Kej “Shanti Samsara”.


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