Web ‘N Retail Viral Marketing Campaigns Can Help Boost Up And Coming Artists And Their Music

A successful viral marketing campaign can help local and up and coming artists expand their brand and reach a wider audience. With over 25 years of experience in music marketing, Online Music Marketing and PR company Web ‘n Retail, has managed to launch some very successful viral marketing campaigns for over 250 different artists of many different genres. With the help of Web ‘n Retail, emerging artists can have successful viral marketing campaigns that will fit their unique needs and expand their audience.

Web ‘n Retail will help establish your long term earning goals and can help build a campaign that fits your music and goals. Some examples of 2016: Web ‘n Retail worked with country artist Sammy Sadler and managed to help increase his number of Facebook followers after his viral marketing campaign. R & B Soul artist Dondi doubled his number of Facebook followers during his 6 month viral marketing campaign with Web ‘n Retail. This year, Mike Love from The Beach Boys was another client that Web ‘n Retail helped create a campaign for the sale of his latest book. A viral marketing campaign for John Lodge from The Moody Blues was also launched for upcoming tour dates and Web ‘n Retail managed to land interviews for Lodge during this campaign.

Come and check out Web ‘n Retail’s official website here www.MusicMarketingByWebNRetail.com and Facebook here: http://bit.ly/WnR-Facebook.



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