Daniel Boling

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Daniel is a very talented folk singer-songwriter who has many years experience honing his craft.  Fred Schmale of Real Roots Café Dutch Music Magazine is quoted as saying: “Think of a subtle intertwining of Steve Goodman, John Prine & Tom Paxton”.  A pretty substantial recommendation for any folk music lover.

Hear several of the tracks off of “These Houses” on YouTube (static videos)

“Mama’s Radio” –  https://youtu.be/4wwR3wItu1E
“Dad’s Garage”https://youtu.be/Vyg5b26h3G4
“Leadbelly, Woody & Pete” –  https://youtu.be/MpfDAQ5PM5A

Or see Daniel perform “I Brought the War with Me” live, herehttps://youtu.be/VwL0HZELwNYcovershot-these-houses

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