Ricky Kej – Shanti Samsara


Ricky came to us through the amazing artist, Wouter (pronounced “Voo-ter”) Kellerman who he has collaborated with on various projects.  Because we were/are so impressed by his work, we included his album Shanti Samsara in our November 2016 Holiday Music Guide.  This amazing “world” album takes you on a journey of 40 different countries and utilizes the talent of over 500 musicians including Steward Copeland (The Police), The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Soweto Gospel Choir, Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary), Philip Lawrence (Bruno Mars), Patti Austin and of course, Wouter Kellerman.

This is no ordinary musician. He’s a legend.  Here’s what a couple fans had to say on iTunes:

A Marvelous Creation  (by El Cerrito Records)

Ricky Kej is with no doubt one of the most important Composers of our generation, and Shanti Samsara is one of Ricky Kej’s masterpieces…

An Epic Masterpiece  (by Hazine’s World)

Grammy winner Ricky Kej has done it again, and has taken his passion for environmental consciousness through music to a whole new level. Collaborating with 500 musicians (for real!) in 40 countries, each piece on this record is a plea for unification, for awareness, for love and compassion…

Stream the album on Soundcloud

Buy the Album on iTunes, here

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