Classical Violinist, Anne Akiko Meyers Pays Tribute to Rautavaara with Fantasia


From e1 Entertainment we bring you Anne Akiko Meyers “Fantasia”.  She is a beautiful classical violinist.  The record will make the hair on your arm stand up straight – it’s so powerful!  This album has a very interesting backstory.

The concept begins with one of the last works written by the late composer Einojuhani Rautavaara, who passed away just this summer.

Meyers, a lifelong fan of the composer, had reached out to Rautavaara’s publisher during the spring of 2015 with the idea of a 15-minute fantasy, a free-form piece. To her delight he soon accepted, and at the end of summer she received a handwritten score. She immediately ran to the studio to play it through.

Meyers performed the piece for Rautavaara near the end of 2015 in Helsinki, and he remarked to her that “I wrote such beautiful music.”

Rautavaara composed music of a wide range of styles over his 87 years, but a recurring description of his work is “mystical.” Meyers says this fantasy for violin and orchestra is ethereal and soulful, with overtones of his Symphony No. 7, “Angel of Light.”

Sadly, he died before the record was released.

Check out the video

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