About US

WEB ‘n RETAIL  (Online Marketing & PR)
Web ‘n Retail is the online marketing division of Rock ‘n Retail.  A pioneer in web marketing, in 1994 Web ‘n Retail (a.k.a. Web and Retail) launched the second CD store ever online, coupled with their music reality show “Rock the Strip”.  The site was hosted by Nina Blackwood (MTV) and was the first Billboard chart reporter ever, for online sales.  Web ‘n Retail mirrors the strength and programs that Rock ‘n Retail built for traditional retail  to drive traffic to retail but specifically in the virtual world. The division’s services include: viral PR, viral marketing, top 10 product list campaigns, mobile app marketing, eblasts, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Web ‘n Retail has been responsible for over 100 campaigns for events, breweries, wineries, record labels, independent artists, DVDs, mobile Apps, websites, clothing lines, motivational speakers and more.

Check our website at: http://www.webnretail.net/



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